Last Updated:  22 February 2022
Our refund policy is strict. Please read.

How to make a claim: Submit you claim to via our claim form and if accepted your account will be issued a credit. You will receive an email once the credit is loaded into the system. On your next purchase you will not pay for you lead. Refunds are only issued should you wish to claim a full refund AND close your account. Your post codes will be re-allocated to the next waiting agent in your area.

You have 48 hours from the time you purchase the lead to submit a claim.

After this all leads are considered sold and final.

All our leads are created via digital marketing in real time and are paid for by Automate Online.

These are LEADS, not REFERRALS, or IMMEDIATE LISTING opportunities.

You must have a follow up process to manage these leads, if you don’t have one then let us know as we can assist you with building one.

96% of all traffic we pay for does not turn into a lead for you.

We only deal with 4% of the traffic having paid for 100% of it (see video below) Of the 4% that convert we ask numerous questions to then validate the lead for you.

We do NOT send though leads that match these questions: – I’m not selling – I’m looking to refinance – I’m not
the owner – I’m a Real Estate agent

Any of these options simply do not come through the system. If the vendor does not confirm they are the owner or their phone number, these leads do not come though to you either.

We have a two step process for each vendor to confirm ownership, correct cell and email. Including address.
What is an invalid lead: – Wrong phone number – Wrong email – Vendor is a real estate agent – Wrong address
– Property is listed with another agent in your office – Someone renting wanting to know value of the property
– Property is currently listed (less than 21 days ago) – Property has been bought (less than 90 days ago)

These are not reasons for an invalid lead: – Currently listed (for more than 21 days) – Just bought property (more than 90 days ago) – Not ready to sell yet – Was only looking for an appraisal – Vendor upset – Vendor did not want an appraisal – Vendor not replying or picking up the phone.

We check all leads from your claim form that we submit to you.

Any claims that fall outside of the criteria (above) will not be refunded.

We understand that from time to time there are odd fake leads that don’t fit the criteria above and we will
consider each claim on its own merit.

Remember if you were initiating the lead traffic yourself you would be paying for all leads no matter whether they were fake or not.

The most successful agents look at the month of leads. e.g. if 20 leads = $1,000 in cost, did I get a listing worth $15,000 commission? If so, you are winning. Even 40 leads would still be profitable.


This is why are so strict with our refund policy. We are not in the business of filtering listing opportunities, we provide leads.

Submit your claim here.